Publié le 18/03/2022

The Sorbonne Business School awarded HappyAtSchool® label

For its first participation alongside the IAE France network, the Sorbonne Business School has been awarded the HappyAtSchool® label for 2022. Thank you to our students for their participation and trust! More generally, our school contributes to placing the IAE FRANCE network in 3rd position among universities where it's good to study.


LogoWishing to offer a quality experience to its students, the Sorbonne Business School wanted to take part in this year's HappyAtSchool® survey to assess their level of satisfaction and identify the levers for progress to be activated.

The Sorbonne Business School chose to distribute the survey to all its undergraduate and graduate students, given the items evaluated. As an indication, the Sorbonne Business School obtained an overall score of 4.32/5 and a recommendation rate of 89.4%, excellent results which enabled it to obtain the label.

At a glance, discover what our students like best about Sorbonne Business School


Among the criteria most valued by respondents, above 90%, are:

  • "I feel that my diploma is recognized by employers."
  • "At the end of my studies, I think I'll find a job I like (aspirations, values, skills)."
  • "At my school, behavior is exemplary: attitude towards women, respect for origins, religions, gender identities, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, etc."
  • "The equipment made available to us for studying, face-to-face and/or distance learning, is modern and reflects the latest innovations (computers, videoconferencing/remote connections, laboratories, rooms, digital platforms, furniture)."
  • "Students have a respectful attitude towards teaching staff."

Other items border on this excellent rate, including:

  • "My school connects me with companies that interest me."
  • "My school prepares me to have a positive impact on tomorrow's world."
  • "The pedagogy articulates theory with practice in a motivating way."
  • "I would recommend my school to a friend to study at."
HappyAtSchool®, what is it?

On Thursday March 17, ChooseMyCompany published the 3rd edition of the HappyAtSchool® ranking, a label awarded by students for students.

HappyAtSchool® is an accreditation and ranking system that assesses the quality of the student experience. 100% participatory and transparent, the label is based on 20 questions asked directly to students, covering 5 themes: learning environment, teaching & pedagogy, student life, confidence in the future and relations with companies.

3 criteria are required to obtain the label: an average score of over 3.5/5 for the 20 questions asked, a recommendation rate of over 70% and a participation rate of over 30%.