Corporate connections

Over the years, the Sorbonne Business School has developed a network of strong relationships with the professional world that benefits both training and research. This proximity enables us to meet the expectations of the corporate connections and organizations that demonstrate their confidence in our expertise by entrusting us with the training of their employees, welcoming our apprentices and interns, bring on board our graduates or supporting our research.

On the training side, teaching is nurtured by business practice thanks to the experience of our teacher-researchers, most of whom come from the professional world, and the participation in our programs of nearly 300 professional lecturers, recognized experts in their fields, within the framework of conferences, tutorials or case studies.
Businesses are also very present on the research side through the funding of our chairs involved in societal issues related to management. Our research activities are also of benefit to the companies that call on us to work on specific issues. Our proximity to the professional world is also reflected in our network of 39,000 alumni working around the world.

Corporate connections: change the course of your employees history with the Sorbonne Business School