In keeping with the Sorbonne's motto, "Hic et ubique terrarum, Here and everywhere on Earth", the Sorbonne Business School has a truly international dimension.

This international reach is particularly evident in the numerous locations abroad: our university business school is present on every continent (Africa, South America, Asia, Indian Ocean, Middle East) via delocalized programs offered with academic partners.

The international dimension of the Sorbonne Business School also means a great cultural diversity of which we are proud, reflected in both our international and Parisian programs. Out of more than 2,800 students, the Sorbonne Business School thus counts 57% foreigns, representing nearly 70 nationalities.

What's more, most of our students trained in Paris benefit from an international outlook via a professional seminar abroad during their course of study, guest lectures by visiting professors and certain modules, case studies or course materials offered in English.

Our alumni network also contributes to our international reach, with nearly 25% of graduates practicing around the world.


Our international presence

The Sorbonne Business School has 68 partnership agreements with academic institutions on all continents, based on co-directed programs, hosting students at international professional seminars, organizing seminars in Paris for foreign partners, teaching mobility, writing and publishing scientific research articles, co-directing theses and participating in juries.

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