Research at IAE Paris

Research figures in the strategic priorities for the IAE. By offering both human and financial resources and developing a policy of encouragement for researchers, the IAE strongly supports research efforts and publication. Particular efforts have been made to promote the internationalisation of  research.

IAE de Paris researchers are members of many European and international academic networks, deliver research papers at international conferences and publish in international journals.

We regularly receives some 60 doctoral students preparing dissertations within the Graduate School of which GREGOR forms part, alongside GREG-HEC and GRID-Arts et Métiers Paris-Tech. The doctoral students profit from both the scientific framework provided by the research directors of GREGOR-IAE and the academic environment of two partner institutions. Furthermore, the Research Masters degree has been designed in partnership with two Grandes Ecoles, in managementand engineering (HEC  and Arts et Métiers-ParisTech), which gives students a particularly fruitful environment in which to embark on research.

GREGOR’s work is organised around six axes of research (governance, restructuring, management tools, responsible marketing, social responsibility in business, and risk and decision-making) that deliberately break from traditional subject divisions. It favours a cross-sectional approach to issues in the management of organisations.

Research Groups

Wishing to institutionalise links between research and institutions, the IAE has undertaken to create Research Groups. These Groups bring together representatives of the socio-economic world (businesses, consultancies, etc.) and IAE de Paris researchers exploring a particular theme. Researchers and companies together define major research projects and organise events in which the outcomes of these projects are brought to prominence.