The Sorbonne Business School

Associated with the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, the Sorbonne Business School is a public institution of higher education specializing in training and research in management sciences and management directed by Éric LAMARQUE.

Since its creation in 1956, Sorbonne Business School has been committed to double management skills for executives and students pursuing their studies, with formulas tailored to each audience. Beyond general management, the training offering has diversified over the years, extending to other more specialized fields. More than 40 training programs leading to a degree are thus offered to its 2800 students (doctorate, specialized masters, MBA(s), professional license, university diplomas) in Paris and abroad. Continuing education accounts for 75% of business; over 1,900 executives are trained each year, more than a third of them internationally through partnerships with establishments and universities abroad. In addition, Sorbonne Business School has chosen to favor work-study programs. Its training programs are based on a pedagogical approach that is at the cutting edge of professional issues, anchored in corporate practice and nurtured by research.

With its faculty of teacher-researchers, laboratory and research chairs, Sorbonne Business School stands out for its societal commitment linked to a dynamic research activity that enriches programs with fresh thinking and, in so doing, trains professionals capable of meeting the challenges of the future.

Rooted in the humanist values of equal opportunity, democratization of success and a spirit of progress, the Sorbonne Business School thus contributes to the development of knowledge and its transmission to organizations, both through its training actions and its research.