Publié le 11/01/2023

Raising awareness of discrimination and inclusion issues with the Diversity Fresco

This new year began at the Sorbonne Business School under the banner of the fight against discrimination, with the Diversity Fresco experienced on Thursday, January 5, 2023 by administrative and teaching staff. Faithful to its public service mission, our university business school has been promoting humanist values of equal opportunity and inclusion since its creation.

This collective intelligence workshop effectively raises awareness and questions about diversity issues. It is inspired by the Fresque du climat that the Sorbonne Business School has been progressively generalizing since 2020 to raise student awareness.
The Diversity Fresco was proposed as part of the prevention of discrimination, sexist and sexual violence (SSV) and harassment scheme carried by the establishment for several years.
After setting up a dedicated unit and adopting a "Male/Female Equality" plan in 2021, the Sorbonne Business School has reaffirmed its societal commitment in its strategic plan 2022-2024 to embody an establishment at the highest standards in CSR, with in particular the objective of preventing and dealing with all forms of discrimination, harassment, SSV.
In fact, our university business school was recently selected as part of the 2021-2025 national plan to combat SGBV from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research for its SPACE Sensibiliser, Protéger, Accompagner, Communiquer, Écouter project, which is currently being implemented. In the short term, it plans to set up a network of sentinels among students and staff, as well as the integration of 6 dedicated hours into training programs from the start of the 2023-2024 academic year.

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