What is the minimum GMAT score required by your school?

The GMAT is required for Global Partners MBA. When assessing the profile of a candidate, GMAT is only one component of the evaluation. We therefore do not apply a strict threshold to screen candidates. Other components such as the nature and length of work experience, previous academic performance, etc. are taken into consideration. We can say however that the average GMAT of Global Partners MBA candidates is around 600.

Is there an age limit for Executive Education programs?

No age limit, what matters really is the candidate’s personal/professional project. The question is rather: does the program make sense for this candidate? The answer is not age-dependent.

How many foreign students are accepted into the programs taught in French each year?

There is no simple answer. Regular part time programs taught in French include a limited number of foreign residents (more than full time students), as they are part time programs suited to for professionals with a full-time job.

Specific programs (MBA en Management International Dauphine Sorbonne Renault) designed for full-time foreign students include a vast majority of foreigners.

How many students are accepted into the English programs each year?

There are two programs taught in English that are partially or entirely based in Paris:

International MBA: 75 % foreign nationals

Global Partners MBA: 95 % foreign nationals.

Do foreign students need to provide a certificate of proficiency in French?

This depends on the language in which the program is taught.

How long does it take to get a visa?

This is specific to each country and the period; some consulates seem to be more responsive than others. It is safe to plan at least two months in advance (longer when there is a holiday period included).

Can I stay and work in France once I have graduated?

There is no systematic program meant to grant graduates a work permit. Graduates must make specific applications, which are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Is there any financial support available to foreign students studying in France?

There are scholarships available, most of which are merit based.

Are any special steps required for foreign students wanting to take courses with an apprenticeship component?

Foreign students with a residence permit (carte de séjour) must carry out certain administrative procedures in addition to the regular admissions procedures.
Foreign nationals from countries outside the European Union, as well as Romania and Bulgaria, must first acquire a valid, temporary "student" residence permit. To do so, they should request a certificate of admission from the administrator of the course concerned.
Once they have been admitted to a course,  students must apply for a temporary work permit (autorisation temporaire de travail or APT) specifying that it is for an apprenticeship (“étudiant en apprentissage”) to the Foreign Workers Office (main d’œuvre étrangère or MOE) of their area’s French Regional Directorate for Business and Employment (DIRECCTE).
This work permit must be sent, along with the apprenticeship contract, to the Apprenticeships Center (CFA), which will then carry out the necessary formalities.

Are any special steps required for foreign (adult) students wanting to take Executive Education courses?

To study as an adult student, foreigners with a resident’s permit must meet the conditions of admission specified for the program they have chosen.
To apply directly for the second year of a Master’s program, students must have successfully completed four years of higher education and be able to certify to having three years of professional experience after graduation. An official translation must be provided of all diplomas or degrees to be included in the application.
For more information, contact the course administrator for the program you are considering.