Welcome to IAE de Paris

IAE de Paris gives our students the professional skills they need to succeed as leading executives in a fast-changing global economy.

IAE de Paris stands out for its focus on Executive Education – 80% of our students are business professionals seeking to gain an in-depth knowledge of management theory or to update their skills with the latest tools & techniques by studying part-time.

We also provide a full range of graduate business and management programs, with general (Bachelor, MBAs) and research-based (Master of Decision Science and Risk Management, Master of Applied Organization) curriculums, or with a more specialized focus (Master of Control-Auditing, Master of Finance, Master of Marketing and Commercial Practices, Master of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility).

Our international programs, taught in Paris and thirteen other countries, are a reflection of our school’s global outlook, as are the 842 international students we welcome each year, and the close network of partnerships we have developed with foreign universities. At our school in Paris, conferences are held throughout the year by visiting professors and business executives from all over the world, and our faculty members regularly teach courses abroad in both English and French.

Essential to our mission as both a top-class provider of business education and a dynamic research institution is the quality of our faculty, who bring their wealth of expertise and knowledge to life for our students through the use of the case-study method of teaching. In terms of research, IAE’s applied focus has given rise to extended collaboration with corporate partners, which is today structured through our four research groups. Along with the IAE de Paris doctoral school, these groups strive to produce results which are relevant to organizational practice and contribute to academic knowledge.

As a non-profit organization belonging to a public university, we pride ourselves on bridging the gap between a top-class academic education and the international world of business.