Mission, Vision, Values


IAE de Paris is a business school committed to the personal development of individuals whatever their origins, selected on the basis of their potential and the academic or professional path they have followed.

IAE de Paris strives to favor the democratization of high-level responsibilities in business through an original concept of education, which includes dual skill-sets, apprenticeships, and executive education.

This approach is anchored in a non-deterministic vision of individuals’ careers, which holds that potential and merit are the determinants of lifelong development.

Founded on the values of progress, IAE de Paris’s research and education programs contribute to the development of knowledge and its practical application in organizations.

In this way, IAE de Paris meets the needs of students, French and international companies, and society at large by producing graduates with a solid management culture who are in synch with the modern world and concerned with the common good.


The strategic vision of IAE de Paris is to be recognized as a general graduate business school with a particular expertise in part-time Master’s programs for currently employed executives. It strives for international recognition for the quality of its Executive Education, whether the courses take place in Paris or elsewhere in the world.


IAE de Paris is a public higher education institution affiliated with the University of Paris I Sorbonne. In France, working in the public service is a deliberate choice, and this is reflected in our faculty and staff members’ strong attachment to the institution, sincere commitment to the social promotion of students, independent involvement in research activities, and sense of honor associated with the work accomplished. These are the values that drive IAE de Paris, contributing to its singularity and to its success in a competitive environment.