Patrick Hénaff, associate professor at IAE de Paris, publishes the e-book : Topics in Empirical Finance with R and Rmetrics.

The book is a set of lecture notes used in a first year graduate course in empirical finance. The book focuses on the pricing and risk management of financial assets: bonds, options and other derivative securities.

The emphasis is resolutely empirical: it presents models, discuss their implementation, and verify their relevance by testing them on real data.



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Delphine Dion, PhD in Management, head of the Master of Marketing and Commercial Practices, published with Elodie de Boissieu, director of  The Ecole Internationale du Marketing du Luxe, an article in the last edition of Décisions Marketing.

This research analyses marketing practices used to ensure the continued existence of luxury brands charismatic legitimacy. Based on the analysis of interviews with various actors of the field of haute-cuisine and the study of gastronomic restaurants web-sites, we identified actions to (1) inscribe chefs into a lineage in order to transfer the charismatic legitimacy to his/their successor(s), and (2) how this lineage is staged in the service delivery process and in the restaurant. Based on these results and transposing Kantorowicz’ theory of the king’s two bodies, the researchers discuss the concept of the brand two bodies. They recommend several actions to build the brand two bodies and link these elements through a lineage.


Contact : Delphine Dion